Sewing school graduation September 2021

Our Sewing school graduation is Saturday! The Congo Restoration Sewing School celebrates its 10th anniversary this year.What began in 2011 as a dream to provide 30 women with the chance to learn a creative skill they could use to make money has grown in so many beautiful ways with the help of people doing a “little bit […]

Summer School 2021

Urgent request: Our girls need summer school to catch up from the pandemic Like students around the world, the 80 students at the Congo Restoration Girls School of Compassion have worked hard but have fallen behind in the past year due to school closures caused by the pandemic. As we end the school year, our […]


  Our new class of sewing school students started classes in February. Let me introduce you to one of them. Kindja is 19 years old and comes from a family of seven children. She was never able to go to school because she was helping care for her younger siblings. When she was 16, her mother […]

International Women’s Day 2021

Big news about special women at Congo Restoration International Women’s Day is a huge deal in the Democratic Republic of Congo — and in most countries. I want to share three things with you today as you take a moment to honor and celebrate this special day. 1. Update on Mama Gorethy: Our founder and executive director […]

Espe’s Story

In honor of this International Women’s Day, I want to share the story of Espe. At 19, Espe is the mother of a 7-year-old girl who attends our Congo Restoration primary school for girls. Espe was raped when she was only 12, then abandoned by her family and community.  Our Congo Restoration family took her in and […]

Mwamini’s Story

Mwamini’s Story The beautiful and confident woman in the center of this picture is Mwamini. She was our top student in her Congo Restoration Sewing School class. At her graduation ceremony, she shared her story, so we wanted to share it with you — the people who made it possible. Mwamini was raped and impregnated […]

Craig Wilbanks

Craig Wilbanks is a retired IT director in Chicago, who wants to focus his energies on helping people. He has been longtime supporter Congo Restoration and has admired how the organization makes every penny matter. “We keep an incredibly low overhead on our work, so that the money we raise truly gets to the community […]

Angela Lovell

Angela Lovell has spent her professional life and much of her personal life dedicated to assisting others in achieving their highest potential. She has 20 years of experience working in education at the elementary, secondary, and college levels. Her passion is literacy development, and she works as a Dyslexia Specialist in Dallas. Congo Restoration relied […]

Mira Mutombo

Mira Nabushosi Mutombo, daughter of Mama Gorethy, serves as Treasurer on the Congo Restoration Board of Directors. Mira was born in the Congo, and came to Texas when her family fled the violence in 1997. Mira believes that educating women is key to rapid development for any society. She is proud of how impactful her […]