Angela Lovell

Angela Lovell has spent her professional life and much of her personal life dedicated to assisting others in achieving their highest potential. She has 20 years of experience working in education at the elementary, secondary, and college levels. Her passion is literacy development, and she works as a Dyslexia Specialist in Dallas. Congo Restoration relied […]

Mira Mutombo

Mira Nabushosi Mutombo, daughter of Mama Gorethy, serves as Treasurer on the Congo Restoration Board of Directors. Mira was born in the Congo, and came to Texas when her family fled the violence in 1997. Mira believes that educating women is key to rapid development for any society. She is proud of how impactful her […]

Debrianna Obara

Debrianna Obara joined the Congo Restoration Board of Directors after traveling to the DRC in 2018. While she loved her trip to this dynamic country – she saw that systemic sexism and poverty affected women and girls to a disproportionate level. “Witnessing the inequities was haunting,” she said. It was clear that every little effort […]

Dominique Diomi

Dominique Diomi is a native of the Democratic Republic of Congo and has been a member of the Congo Restoration Board of Directors for 11 years. He is a former president of the Congolese Community of Dallas Fort Worth, and owner of a logistics company in West Texas. “I have witnessed Congo Restoration transform many […]

Diana Dubois

Diana Dubois is a passionate supporter of Congo Restoration. She counts her recent travels to visit the students we support among the most meaningful experiences of her life. As a marketing/communications professional, she contributes to organizational messaging, fundraising, print and digital communications, and developing our online presence. She has been a member of the Board […]

Tracy Wallace

Tracy Wallace is a justice warrior—environmental, social, economic—who believes access and equity are the cures to poverty. Tracy brings critical nonprofit management expertise to the Congo Restoration Board of Directors. She is founder and Executive Director of Green Careers Dallas, a nonprofit dedicated to connecting hard-to-employ, low-income neighbors with living-wage employment as installers in the […]

Kristin Mallory

Kristin Mallory has a BA in psychology, an MS in family studies, and has spent her career supporting children, teenagers, and families. She is the Youth Minister at Greenland Hills United Methodist Church in Dallas, Texas. Working with Congo Restoration helps keep Kristin and her wife Connie connected to their shared passion for Africa. Kristin […]

Clare Stein

Claire Stein describers herself as “a mother of two boys in college, a teacher of children with learning differences, and a person who still believes that world peace is possible.” But she knows that peace won’t happen on its own, and she considers her service to Congo Restoration as her contribution to the cause. As […]

Dawn McMullan

As Chair of the Congo Restoration Board of Directors, Dawn McMullan has led the U.S.-funding arm of the organization since 2008. In partnership with founder Gorethy Nabushosi, they have grown the organization’s reach from caring for 30 orphans, to empowering women, educating girls, and providing college scholarships to young adults. Dawn is a freelance writer/editor and mother to two […]

Gorethy Nabushoshi

Gorethy Nabushoshi fled the Congo on Sept. 23, 1997, followed by her husband Bona, and six children (ages 3 to 11 at the time) 20 months later. Her work as an attorney standing up for women’s rights put her family in danger in the DRC, so she had no choice but to leave. Gorethy and […]