Congo Restoration Site Visit 2023

Join us in Africa this summer to visit Congo Restoration

We are leading our first ever trip to Eastern Congo this July! I’ve traveled three times to Bukavu, DRC, and now feel ready and excited to bring some of you with me. Below are the tentative details. But first, I want to share the why.

I was talking to a friend from work — an adventurous and frequent traveler — about this trip as I thought she might want to join us. She asked for a few details then ever-so-politely asked this: “So why would I want to go?” It was an excellent question (thank you Katy). Then another friend posted this below on Facebook (thank you Angela).

The why might be different for different people, but this is the core of it:

The women of the Congo Restoration Sewing School will change you.

The girls of the Congo Restoration Girls School of Compassion will change you.

Playing frisbee or serving beans to our orphans and watching them play and eat so joyously will change you. The same for the local children you will walk down the road with, the drivers you will spend time with on the worst roads in the world, the national park rangers and the gorillas you will spend hours with hiking through the rainforest.

Being with Congo Restoration Founder Gorethy Nabushosi in her home country is a glimpse into a world most of us do not have access to. It is logistically impossible to see DRC without an invitation. It is emotionally impossible not to fall in love with DRC when that invitation comes from Gorethy.

Travel Details

We will fly from DFW (or wherever you’re leaving from) to Kigali, Rwanda. We’ll spend one night in Rwanda on the way there. Flights have been hovering around $1600 for a while now. I have flown for as little as $1100 but am not seeing those deals right now. I’d budget for $1600 and be pleased if we find it cheaper.

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