$29.00 Raised

Sponsor a Primary School Student

Our school is free, but it costs Congo Restoration $360 per student. This covers her entire educational experience for one year, which includes:

  • Teacher salaries
  • Books
  • School supplies
  • Uniforms (made by Sewing School students)
  • Backpacks
  • Breakfast & Lunch

Sponsorships are the most reliable way we can ensure expenses are covered for every student. It only costs $360 a year to provide life-changing education for a girl in Eastern Congo. When you choose to sponsor a student, Congo Restoration will contact you with the name and details of the girl you are sponsoring, and keep you up to date on her progress! $360 a year,  just $30 a month, covers one student’s cost for an entire year.







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Restoring hope and dignity to the Eastern Congo through education.



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