Empowering Women

The Sewing School

A Congo Restoration sewing school education offers women hope and a marketable skill that lifts them and their children out of poverty. To date, more than 700 women have graduated from our program.

Educating Girls

The Primary School

Because school isn’t free or mandatory in the Democratic Republic of Congo, many girls in rural DRC do not get even an elementary education. If families can afford the fees, they usually opt to send their boys. The Congo Restoration Girls School of Compassion is an all-girls school with 160 students in grades 1 through 5.

Building Leaders

Collegiate Scholars

Our scholarship program was created to fund full university educations for young people in the Congo Restoration community, so that they will be able to lift up their families, their village, and their country for years to come.

WAM Fundraiser

Students attend classes for six to eight months, 40 ...

$1,720.00 Raised

WAM Sewing Kits

  Each Congo Restoration Sewing School graduate receives a ...

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WAM Sewing Machines

Congo Restoration provides one sewing machine for every two ...

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Restoring hope and dignity to the Eastern Congo through education.



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