Meet Mapindo

Mapindo is a stunning example of the transformative power of education. Before attending the  Congo Restoration Sewing School she spent her days in the streets, selling onions, tomatoes, anything she could find to try to feed her family. There were often days when she spent hours without selling anything. It was there she met Congo Restoration founder Gorethy Nabushosi, who invited her to join the next sewing school class.
Mapindo graduated in 2020. Today, she owns a tailor shop in the city of Bukavu. She employs two men, and is training a young woman as her apprentice.
She produces custom clothing for a growing list of customers. She is married with five children, and one more on the way. Her sewing school education has enabled her to comfortably raiser her family without the constant struggle of finding food. “I can never be really broke now because I have this business,” she said.  
Mapindo creates beautifully crafted clothing. In fact, she is Gorethy’s preferred tailor.  

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