Neema’s Story

Six-year-old Neema started life with many cultural disadvantages. Neema was born with polydactyly…she has six fingers on each hand, a condition she inherited from her mother. Her father abandoned them when Neema was born handicapped. Too often, the future is bleak for girls like Neema.

According to Human Rights Watch, “Congo is home to millions of people with disabilities. Many of them face human rights abuses and discrimination, often limiting their access to education and employment. Some, mostly children, face accusations of witchcraft, as disability can be considered a curse by certain beliefs.”


Neema’s is but one story of how we are restoring hope in the DRC. Today, Neema is getting the greatest gift we can offer her: an education. She was among 40 first-grade students when the Congo Restoration Girls School of Compassion opened in 2019. Today, she is thriving. Thank you for your continued support. 

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Restoring hope and dignity to the Eastern Congo through education.



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