I was traveling with another Congo Restoration board member in April of 2017 when we met Eric. His father was our driver. Although Eric did well in high school and was a star soccer player, he had nothing to do when we met him.

As is the case with so many young people in Eastern Congo, there simply were no opportunities for him to continue his education (because of money) or work (because there are more people than jobs). How much is it to send someone to college, I asked our founder, Gorethy Nabushosi. The answer at the time was less than $1000 a year, including books and supplies. (It’s now about $1200.)

And so began the Congo Restoration Collegiate Scholars Program. We now have eight students, and I’d love to introduce them. Along with the students of our sewing school and our primary girls school, we lift up these young people, knowing they will be up able to lift up their families, communities, and countries for future generations.

Thank you to all of you who support these rising leaders. Click here to learn more about our Collegiate Scholars. I promise they will make you proud.

Many thanks,
Dawn McMullan
Chair of the Board, Congo Restoration

Eric will graduate in June of this year and is studying rural development. He often volunteers to help with the other programs of Congo Restoration.

Marcelline came to us when her family wanted to marry her to a much older man. Instead, we sent her to college. She will graduate in June with a degree in radiology

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