Our Sewing school graduation is Saturday!
The Congo Restoration Sewing School celebrates its 10th anniversary this year.What began in 2011 as a dream to provide 30 women with the chance to learn a creative skill they could use to make money has grown in so many beautiful ways with the help of people doing a “little bit of good” as they were able. In the beginning, the men in the village were skeptical and even angry in some instances. Women were typically thought of as second-class citizens and certainly not breadwinners. Today, more than 600 women have graduated from the Congo Restoration Sewing School. And 40 more will graduate this Saturday. With each courageous, hard-working woman who has worked her way through the program, the status of the school and our students has risen. Today, sewing school graduates are well-respected in their villages by men and women ~ young and old alike. The women who complete this program have a 99% success rate when it comes to using their newfound creative skills to create sustainable income for themselves and their families. They have the confidence to be leaders in their villages. They have the means to send their children to school and pay for all the food, clothes, and medical needs of their family. They come back to the school and act as mentors for the students who come after them and they lift each other up. The Congo Restoration Sewing School program is possible because of people like you, doing a little good here and there. If you’d like to be part of our upcoming graduation:
You can donate via PayPal, Venmo (@CongoRestoration), or UMCOR. A huge thanks to all of you, doing your little bits of good as you can, overwhelming the world.

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