$5 can change everything

Small things can change the world. And this Giving Tuesday (tomorrow!!), you can too. We know this at Congo Restoration because we’ve seen it at our two schools over the past 14 years.
One of our challenges at Congo Restoration is our monthly operational budget. Teacher salaries and school meals generally aren’t sexy enough for donors to get jazzed about, and most grants are project-based.
If 500 of our fans made a recurring donation or $5 a month, half of our monthly expenses would be covered. That’s the beauty of small things. They add up. In addition, Facebook is matching recurring donations made during the Giving Tuesday season. You can see our fundraiser link here. Many hands make light work. Can you be one of our Foundational Fans? We know Giving Tuesday is a special day, and we thank you for considering us in your plans. Now let’s get out there and change the world!

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