Debrianna Obara joined the Congo Restoration Board of Directors after traveling to the DRC in 2018. While she loved her trip to this dynamic country – she saw that systemic sexism and poverty affected women and girls to a disproportionate level.

“Witnessing the inequities was haunting,” she said. It was clear that every little effort could go a very long way in Congo, and in villages where many girls receive nothing at all. “Under the guidance of the venerable Gorethy, we can fundamentally transform the lives of women and girls through education, food security and support,” she said. Debrianna is a marketing professional, currently working for an advertising agency focused on healthcare. She believes wholeheartedly in the mission of Congo Restoration, and hopes that her contributions will expand the organization’s reach to more women and girls. She is proud that none of the board takes a salary and that every penny donated goes to our worthy cause. Debrianna lives in Costa Mesa, California.

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Restoring hope and dignity to the Eastern Congo through education.



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