Meet Furaha

Furaha exemplifies the change our school makes. She is an orphan that, like another one of our recent graduates, started out as a janitor in our all girls primary school.

“After a year, she joined the sewing school and became one of the best students,” our founder and executive director, Gorethy Nabushosi, said. “She has the potential to become a teacher at the school in the years to come.”

Furaha told Gorethy that her life is “progressing in a special way” and is “looking bright.” She now has her own sewing business with a fellow graduate. She is one of 800+ such stories that have come from our school.

“From deep poverty to a business owner,” Gorethy said. “That is big progress.”

It is a beautiful transformation — one made possible by each of you who has sponsored a sewing machine, a sewing kit, or given to Congo Restoration in some way.

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