Urgent request: Our girls need summer school to catch up from the pandemic

Like students around the world, the 80 students at the Congo Restoration Girls School of Compassion have worked hard but have fallen behind in the past year due to school closures caused by the pandemic.

As we end the school year, our teachers have determined our 40 second-grade students and 40 third-grade students need some catch-up, which they believe they can accomplish with summer school during July and August, when the school usually is closed.

It will cost Congo Restoration an additional $2,000 per month to remain open during these months, money we had not budgeted during a difficult year. For $50 per student, we can ensure these girls are prepared in the fall when school starts again.

How you can help:

  • $50 will fund one girl’s summer school education.
  • $25 will fund one girl’s summer school education for one month.
  • $500 will fund 10 girls’ summer school education for one month.
  • $1000 will fund summer school for one class for one month.

You can donate via PayPal, Venmo (@CongoRestoration), or UMCOR.

Endless thanks for helping us do what we do in predictable and unpredictable times. And prayers for all the students in the world who have been navigating this most challenging year.

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